Blonde Bundle – Redken – PRE ORDER



Olaplaex NO.3 (Perfector treatment)- 100MLl  (RRP 100ML £26.00)

Redken acidic bonding concentrate Shampoo – 300MLl  (RRP 300ML £24.00)

Redken acidic bonding concentrate Conditioner- 300MLl (RRP 300MLl £24.00)

Redken Oil for all multi benefit oil – 100ML (RRP 100ML £21.95)

Milkshake Leave in Conditioner – 150ML (RRP 150ML £16.00)

DollyBird Rose gold comb – RRP £10

DollyBird Medium Vent brush- RRP £10

DollyBird Paddle brush- RRP £10

Fanola mask – either blue or purple – 350MLl  (RRP 350ML £11.00)

If you are a client we can advise which mask is better for you, please call or message the shop.


Blue mask –  Neutralises Orange – Making hair clean white

Purple mask – Neutralises Yellow – Making hair ashy/ clean icy


Please note packing may take up to 3 days, if your order is urgent please call the shop –  01942 889424